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Intensive Neurology Hospitals in Vijayawada

Children with immediate life-threatening neurological problems require treatment under intensive care.

Life-threatening diseases of the nervous system are identified and the pediatric neurologist prevents any secondary problems from developing and treats the ongoing ones.

When a child is hospitalized in the intensive care unit—whether because of trauma, a serious neurological condition, or any other life-threatening illness or injury his/her developing brain needs special care.

What are the neuro intensive care available in Vijayawada ?

Some conditions present as neurological emergencies and need assessment and continuous monitoring. These include:

➡️ Acute neurological illnesses
➡️ Acute brain injuries
➡️ Tumours of the brain or nervous system
➡️ Stroke
➡️ Coma or minimally conscious state
➡️ Encephalitis
➡️ Hypoxia-ischemia
➡️ Meningitis, Encephalitis
➡️ Paralysis
➡️ Seizures
➡️ Status epilepticus- Prolonged episode of seizures
➡️ Traumatic injuries to the spinal cord

What to expect in intensive care neurology?

In intensive care neurology, advanced equipment for monitoring all aspects of a child’s health is available. Admission of a critically ill child in intensive care helps in:

➡️ Assessing the full effects of the injury or illness on a child’s brain by a team of specialists
➡️ Continuous monitoring of brain functions of the child, with the aid of sophisticated imaging and testing modalities
➡️ Develop customized treatment plans for the individual condition that the child may have. Such a plan helps in addressing the individual health needs of the child.

Dr. Rohit Kiran has vast experience in providing advanced treatments under intensive care neurology, to treatment requiring such special care.