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Super-specialist Pediatric Neurologist in Vijayawada

  • Dr. Rohit Kiran Cherukuri is expert in diagnosing and treating the various simple and complex neurological diseases of children.
  • He understands the holistic needs of children with neurological disorders and teams up with the caregivers of the child and behavioural pediatricians to give his patient the best and most wholesome care.
  • He has his expertise in providing care for various neurological conditions in children such as Epilepsy, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Neuromuscular disorders, and Stroke to name a few.
  • He is also an expert in providing care to children requiring emergency care under Intensive Care Neurology.

Expertise Treatments

Pediatric Neurologist

A paediatric neurologist, often known as a child neurologist, is a specialist who specialises in diagnosing and treating neurological abnormalities in children and adolescents (aged 0-18). Nervous system problems might begin in the brain, spine, nerves, or muscles. Seizures, migraines, and developmental delays are all possible outcomes.

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Wow!! We had the most fantastic experience with a doctor ever!! Dr Rohit Kiran Cherukuri takes so much time, is fantastic with kids, and truly wants to help! I have never had an appointment like this. He took notes, asked questions, listened, made suggestions, and connected with my son as few people can! Thank you. I recommend it to all!


We have been seeing Dr Rohit Kiran Cherukuri for about a year for our 7yo son. He is very dedicated to her patients and their families. He takes the time to discuss options and explains treatments. He also provided a wonderful recommendation to a therapist who has helped change the family dynamics. Dr Rohit Kiran Cherukuri genuinely cares about her patients!


I have to say that Dr Rohit Kiran Cherukuri is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! We took out Son here for the first time, my dear friend recommended that we go here, and this place did not disappoint. Dr Rohit Kiran Cherukuri was very kind, and understanding and took the time to assess and listen to our concerns. Warm and welcoming. We felt right at home. Our Son usually has a very hard tone with strangers, and here he acted as if he knew him. This place will always be highly recommended by me. Thanks for making us feel like at home.


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