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Better Understanding Of Children Developmental Delay

Catagory: Neurodevelopmental disorders Author: Dr Rohit Kiran Cherukuri
Better Understanding Of Children Developmental Delay

A child who has a developmental delay has not acquired the anticipated developmental abilities as other kids in their age group. Speech, language, motor abilities, and social skills may all show delays.  In conclusion, a kid who has severe deficits in two or more developmental categories is said to have a developmental delay. 

Important life skills like walking, babbling, scrolling, standing up, etc. are learned by babies and young children. As they become older, they also learn to talk and become potty trained. But a  youngster who has developmental decay cannot be used to illustrate this issue. It can take a lot longer than anticipated to develop these crucial behaviours. Talking, walking, using one’s hands,  learning new things, and social and emotional contact with others are some vital tasks. 


The root reason of developmental delay is not clear-cut. When a kid is born, during the labour and delivery process, and afterward, a number of circumstances might be present. These could include: 

  • A biological condition, like Down syndrome. 
  • Metabolic diseases such as phenylketonuria 
  • Such as shaken infant syndrome, which causes brain injury 
  • Environmental and food malnutrition. 
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals, such as alcohol consumption during pregnancy. • Significant infections. 

However, it has been noted that sometimes, the reason for a developmental delay is still a mystery. 

A child’s growth is continually monitored as they become older. They need a more in-depth, more specialised examination if they are not displaying developmental skills and behaviours. If a kid exhibits such symptoms, parents must speak with their child’s doctor right away. Parents should also keep an eye out for any loss of previously taught abilities. 

By 3 to 4 months, if your infant is not responding to loud noises, is not babble-babble-babble babble-babble-babble-babble-babble-babble-babble-babble-babble-ba Until then, if he cannot pronounce even 15 words, cannot utilise two-word sentences without repeating, and still cannot use speech to convey more than his immediate needs, he must wait until the age of two. The developmental delay could be caused by the symptoms mentioned. 

Medication and treatment for a child with development delay

If the physician diagnoses DD and you confer with him or her, he or she will probably ask you a  number of questions about the child’s development. To find the cause of DD, they may do various medical examinations and carefully follow a child’s growth. For further assessments, certain kids could be sent to experts including psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists. 

While there is no specific treatment for developmental delay, therapies can help children with it get better in certain areas and with practical learning tasks, just like other kids. These treatments include 

Fitness Therapy

For kids who are having difficulties with their gross motor abilities, physical therapy is quite beneficial.

Workplace Therapy

Fine motor abilities, problems with self-care, and sensory processing may all be affected by this.

Therapy for Speech and language

This may be used to deal with the issue of coherent comprehension and speaking sounds and languages. 

Advanced special education for children

Early developmental tasks, including playing skills, are stimulated by it.

Activity Therapy

When a youngster has behavioural issues that affect socially acceptable conduct, this may be necessary.